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TRANSFORM XII kicks off at 11:00am AEDT 26 October
Yes, you read that correctly, the entire program of world class speakers is free. This is not a drill. 
And you could actually WIN $5,000. More below.

In 2020, we learned that being digitally savvy is no longer an option.
 In 2021, consumer behaviour has accelerated with the desire for greater safety and certainty. If you are not making moves to be the digital leader in your local area now, someone else will be.

Recognising this need, we've created Transform XII - our latest 30 day 'sprint' to revolutionise your marketing to lead in 2022 and beyond...

Consumers want safety+certainty

It used to be that 80 per cent of the buying decision was made when someone met you. Today, an average of 80 per cent of a buying decision is made before a person meets you. Where do they find their information? Online.

Get out of the 'echo chamber'

If you are just following what other agents are doing, you might never find your own voice and to a consumer, for them, it’s the equivalent of being in an 'echo chamber' where everyone just looks and sounds the same. It's time to find your unique voice and provide real value.

Marketing leads to more sales

We found in our Insights survey of the top agents this year that those who considered marketing an investment, rather than a cost are making 20 more sales per year than those that aren't

Your Transform XII Coaches

Every 30 day challenge we spend months seeking out the best speakers and expertise that we can possibly bring to the table. This year is no exception with a lineup that includes CEOs, Inman Connect speakers, podcast hosts, brand builders, social media experts, influencers and more.

From funnel to flywheel: 
How to make your sales process friction-free

Welcome to Transform XII! Don't miss this kick-off session where Sam will cover:
* Why the old sales funnel is an outdated model, and what a frictionless sales model looks like
* Consumer behaviour online and what you need to be aware of heading into 2022
* First steps and the roadmap we will cover in Transform XII (Attract, nurture, convert)

Facebook: How to Stay Relevant in the News Feed in 2022 (and, Beyond!)

Are you frustrated with all of the changes to Facebook? In this session, Katie Lance will teach you how to stand out on Facebook without spending a lot of money, provide tips for balancing your Facebook personal profile and business page and what types of content drive the highest level of engagement!

Visual value: Discover a bold new way to convert prospects to clients without pressure, ego or overwhelm

Sometimes you need to put away the slick PowerPoint listing presentation and draw on traditional pen and paper to connect with and make sense to your customer. To do this, you need a model - and Simon Bowen's sales models are both powerful and innovatively clever. In this session you'll learn how to use models to highlight your point of difference.

Instagram: How to create shareable, saveable content that generates leads

Spending a lot of time following what other agents are doing?  Chelsea will show you:
*Why you should have a presence on social that fits your personality
*How you can add value to your marketplace resulting in increased referrals
*How you can translate social media followers to your database of interested clientele.

SMS Marketing 101 for Real Estate

The future is not calling - it's texting! Jack will reveal how to market with text but still sound like a human through personalisation in this interactive session. He will also talk about how to increase message responses and promotional engagement with some final tips on how to grow your opt-in list.

How I created a personal brand on LinkedIn

Ashley has built an enviable influencer brand on Linkedin. In this session, Ashleigh will reveal how she did it - who to connect with, what to post and when.

Pay to play: The why what, how and when of advertising on social media

In this session, Josh will help you understand how you can make social ads can work for you. You will learn how to target homeowners in your market, discover the different ads for an incredible customer journey (from awareness to appraisal), and finally bring it all together in a campaign that produces immediate results.

The tools we use to generate thousands of subscribers and pageviews

Tens of thousands of online marketers across the globe tune into the Hustle & Flowchart podcast twice a week. Why? Hosts Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier are their "go to's" when it comes to generating more traffic, converting more leads to clients, and keeping a smile on your face at the same time. In this interactive session, Joe will reveal the best tools he's heard about this year and how you can grow your website traffic, grow email subscribers and continually nurture your pipeline with these tools.

Instagram: How to get insane reach with reels

We know that Instagram is giving reels a considerable boost in its algorithm right now, and Melanie Poole has blazed a trail in creating and using reels to reach more followers. In this session, we will brainstorm real estate content for reels that engage your target audience, how to grab onto the trends and what "going viral" for you looks like. (We're also going to create a reel, whether or not you post it is entirely up to you!) 

LinkedIn: Tapping into the power of professional networking

In this session with Colin Anstie, you will learn how to build a stellar LinkedIn profile that grabs attention for all the right reasons, then offers tips for building and expanding your LinkedIn network, identifying prospects and building a professional brand.

SEO: How Homely.com.au can help you boost your listings, boost your profile, and nurture relationships

Yes, SEO is complex, and nobody knows what Google is going to do next. But in this session, David Webb will reveal: 
*Some ways you can always remain on the first page of the search results using Homely.com.au's highly indexed site
*Some ways o gain followers and nurture clients
*How to drum up early interest and enquiries before your official marketing campaign kicks off. 

Mass customisation: How to leverage digital while maintaining the personal touch

What can real estate learn from the fashion industry about customer service and personalisation? Plenty, as it happens. Scott Bateman will be facilitating a Harvard Business School Case Study that will make you think critically about how you can personalise your service - even if you happen to be relying heavily on digital? 

LinkedIn: Tapping into the power of professional networking

In this session with Colin Anstie, you will learn how to build a stellar LinkedIn profile that grabs attention for all the right reasons, then offers tips for building and expanding your LinkedIn network, identifying prospects and building a professional brand.

In TRANSFORM XII we will be focusing DIGITAL MARKETING with a framework that is easy for you to remember and execute


‘Attract’ is all about finding and leveraging various traffic sources including social media and Google to bring prospective customers to you.

We are going to focus on attracting more of your ideal client, people you want to work with, who dig you as well!

Step 2:  NURTURE

‘Nurture’ in a digital sense is about staying in touch with relevant content that is useful to your ideal client. 

But it does not have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming - if you get smart about it.


The top agents in Australia convert prospects to clients at an average rate of 70-90 per cent. Much of this happens at the nurture stage. 

In Transform XII we are going to work on how to structure your messaging before, during and after the appraisal.

What Your FREE Ticket Includes

  • Watch LIVE all of the masterclasses from all of our coaches - that's over 20 hours of practical, actionable content from world-class speakers
  • The opportunity to get practical and craft a personal marketing plan for 2022 (earlier than your competitors!)
  • ​Download digital copies of our challenge workbook and worksheets to keep for your personal use
  • ​Practical tips and advice from industry practitioners who have been successful using these tips and techniques
  • ​Networking with the participants and presenters in our private Facebook Group
  • No travel bookings - no uncertainty on whether the event is going to go ahead - we’re going ahead!
  • + Much Much More

with thanks to our event sponsors

Wondering what you'll learn? 
Over 30 days, we will be covering super useful and practical things like:

The latest from Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

We’ve brought in speakers from the US who are directly connected to the big platforms and are ready to share what’s new and how to create a strategy that will bring you leads

The biggest mistakes agents make in marketing (and how to fix them)

One of the biggest mistakes is copying other agents - so we are going to help you become your original and authentic self, attracting clients who you will love to work with

How to build your authority as a community expert

One great marketing play for agents is to become the ‘Uber of information’ in your community. Learn how to become a media company in your area!

The Challenger Sale

Consumers are becoming savvier and savvier. Content marketing is not about giving them more information they already know, but challenging their knowledge and showing them how your expertise can benefit them in surprising ways. 

Creating content that matters to your customers

Posting ‘consistently’ is just not enough. We will show you how to give your followers the information they are looking for in order for them to become a client.

Friction-Free conversion

Take your listing presentation conversion rate to between 70 and 90 per cent with effective nurture programs

The personal touch vs automation

Understand how and when to leverage digital for 1-to-many communications, and when your client needs 1-to-1 attention by diving into a Harvard Business Review case study on the topic

Tools to optimise your workflow

There are so many marketing tools out there it’s hard to know which ones really work. But we are going to go through our top tools for optimising, being found, building databases and getting seriously productive

Why its good to break the rules!

If you truly think that you deserve better results for the work you are currently putting in, isn't it time to try something different?

Kath Barker, LJ Hooker Ormeau, QLD

“What an amazing experience! Elite Agent, you have provided us all with an exceptionally high-quality program, with access to the best in the business who openly shared their knowledge and insights into everything real estate. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to grow their real estate business as well as investing in their own personal growth” 

Martina Berry, Director, Professionals Rockingham WA

“After completing the Transform program for the very first time I can honestly say this is the best challenge I have ever completed. From the beginning to the end the communication has been brilliant, the tools used for the program were easy to use and kept us accountable. The presenters were brilliant and the networking opportunities with other industry leaders has been wonderful. I had no idea what I was signing up for but I can honestly say it was brilliant, and regardless of who wins the prize money, all those that actively participated are already winners.” 

Nick Giles, Director, Coronis Group

“I just commented yesterday to a colleague that Transform might be the best value for money training that you could possibly do in 30 days, particularly weighed against conferences that, due to necessity, might cost up to $800 for a few days. The genius is in the interactivity, the people, the variation, and the foundation in success psychology. You can feel the passion for the work come through the group, and the authentic drive to be better than the day before. Beautifully facilitated.” 

Here's What You Get When You Reserve Your Ticket Today:

  • Watch LIVE all of the masterclasses from all of our coaches - that’s over 20 hours of practical, actionable digital marketing content from world-class speakers
  • ​The opportunity to get practical and craft a personal marketing plan for 2022 (earlier than your competitors!)
  • ​Download digital copies of our challenge workbook and worksheets to keep for your personal use
  • ​Practical tips and advice from industry practitioners who have been successful using these tips and techniques
  • ​Networking with the participants and presenters in our private Facebook Group
  • ​Front row seating - from your own home or office
  • ​No travel bookings - no uncertainty on whether the event is going to go ahead - we’re going ahead!
  • ​+ Much More!!

Any in-person event of this calibre and depth would probably cost you $2-3k per person (by the time you factor in flights, accommodation and ticket fees) 

The normal transform entry fee is: $97

This year, it’s FREE

AND... did we mention you could win a share in more than $10,000 in cash + prizes (yes Transform is a challenge you can WIN with first prize being $5,000!!!)

Adam Gulliford Transform 2019 winner

"It just goes to show if you can just do everything a little bit better, every day, it all adds up and you get that big result at the end of the day..." 

Laura Shooter
Transform 2020 winner

"I participated in Elite Agent's 'Transform 2020' course, which was outstanding in every way. There is a wide range of content, focusing on all aspects of the real estate industry, with generosity and wellness at the core. Get connected, you'll be better for it. 💜 💜 ”

Heidi Howe, Transform winner 2021

“I learnt an incredible amount from [last year’s program] and in those 12 months, I became the number one agent in the region and I do completely credit Transform with that…”

All Your Questions Answered

 Why is this event free?
Transform is always free or low cost with big love and thanks to our event partners. For Transform XII that’s Homely.com.au, Kolmeo, Podium, Openn, Direct Connect and Rexlabs. We also keep our production costs low by being virtual (we’ve been doing the virtual thing for a long time, even way before the pandemic!) 
 I don't recognise any of the coaches names
How good is that? This means we’ve met our objective of bringing in new and interesting thinking to help you elevate your game. Let your competitors keep listening to the same stuff, we’ve got some world-class speakers ready to help you get the edge!
 Is there prize money for this challenge?
Yes indeedy, there is - $5,000 for the winner and $2,500 for the runner-up. Plus there are heaps of prizes (including additional case prizes) as incentives along the way.
 How do I win the $5k?
You’ll pick up leaderboard points for attending webinars live, implementing what you’ve learnt and completing set challenges. This forms your leaderboard score. We then combine your leaderboard score with a big challenge to form a challenge Top 12. The Top 12 get to pitch for the money.
 Where will it be hosted?
The event will take place virtually on Zoom from Elite Agent’s Southport Studios. But our coaches are located across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. 
 Is Transform XII for me?
This round is all about using digital marketing to attract, nurture and convert more leads. You could also apply the nurture strategies to existing customers. 

So, if your role involves any of those things we just mentioned - or even if you just want to have a better digital presence on Google, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, this challenge is for you.

If you’ve got everything nailed in relation to digital marketing and know all there is to know then maybe some other course would be better for you.
 What if I can’t attend the webinars live?
You will want to take advantage of our VIP experience (on the next page) where you get access to all of the recordings and more.
 I’ve been in the industry for a long time, do I need this?
Even if you have been in real estate for a long time, the world is changing and continues to change. We’d be pretty surprised if you didn’t take away a bag of useful things that might help you move forward into 2022.
 I’ve heard the same people win all the time?
Not at all - but as this is our 12th round of Transform it is true that some people have completed our challenges many times. That should say that what we do is pretty cool right?

But this challenge we are giving the newbies an even bigger shot at winning the title. We’re going to do this by handing out a couple of handicaps to people that have done it a few times (a little bit like the Melbourne Cup - which incidentally is on during this challenge!)

(pssst, seriously, though, if you are just in it for the money, it’s probably not for the right reasons. The money is just meant to be an incentive, the icing on the cake or the cherry on the top. If you’re in it to improve your marketing, change your habits or change your business then this is where the real return on investment happens!)
 I want my whole team to attend, can we just register once?
AWESSSSOMMMMEEEE!!! This round of Transform XII is designed for you to work in teams. But you do need to register individually (but registration is super easy, it’s just an email address and your name, 10 seconds tops!).
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